Light laminate in the interior of the house

Laminate has become popular as a type of flooring in the house relatively recently. More and more people prefer laminate flooring to other flooring materials and this is not surprising. Its affordable price, simplicity in styling and a huge number of color variations attract homeowners and it’s no wonder. In addition, the laminate is easy to repair: if necessary, you can simply replace one damaged board with another. Light laminate […]


Dark Laminate in the Interior Design

Each type, kind or color of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. This concerns its practical, aesthetic functions and the peculiarities of combining with other elements of interior design. Today we are going to speak about laminate of dark colors. At the first sight, it may seem that such flooring suits to some official places, cafes and restaurants, but this is not true. Dark laminate will look wonderful in […]


The Examples of Non-Standard Use of Laminate

Having a lot of advantages, today laminate is the most popular kind of flooring. This material is lasting, resistant to different mechanical damage and it is inconclusive enough. Besides, laminate is pretty easy to install, you can do it by yourself. Laminate is used not only in living spaces (flats and private houses), you can also see it in the hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices (premises where the load on […]


Good Laminate; Selection Rules

We often face different problems and questions while choosing the needed type of flooring. Today there are different materials which are intended for this purpose. In this article we are going to consider the type of flooring which is very popular nowadays, – laminate. This product has many advantages. First of all, it is the appearance of laminate, which is very similar to parquet. Unlike parquet, laminate is more accessible. […]


Ceiling Finish with Laminate

Laminate is a really multipurpose and even a unique product! It was originally used only for floor finishing. Then, with the passage of time (laminate passed the test of time successfully), it started to be used for finishing of other surfaces in the premise. Laminate looks great on the walls and on the ceiling. Today we are going to speak about the usage of laminate for ceiling finishing. This variant […]


Laminate Flooring. Types of Design

As it is known and practically proved, laminate is one of the most popular, comfortable and safe kinds of flooring today. Besides, it looks great and it is easy to use. All repairs start with floor: flooring installation and its decoration. It is a fundamental part, in a literal and figurative sense, of the all interior design of house or office. Due to the technical progress, creativity and hard work […]


Laminate in the Form of Tiles

  Laminate is a very popular type of flooring today due its perfect technical characteristics and ease of use. There are many different kinds of laminate, its various textures and patterns. Let’s have a look at the kind of this material which is extremely popular nowadays – it is laminate in the form of tiles. Laminate, as a type of floor covering, consists of boards (lamellas). This particular kind of […]


What to be guided by When Choosing Laminate

The main task of the correct and competent repair is not only its aesthetic attraction, it is also its practicality and long service. This directly depends on the process of choosing quality materials. Today we are going to speak about floor coverings, namely about laminate. This material must be qualitative, as the load on the floor is really great. At first, try to study as much information about this product […]


How to Choose Skirting Boards for Laminate

  Each of us dreams of his own house, which is cozy, comfortable and well-groomed. Plan is thought out beforehand, materials are chosen carefully, design is created. One of the principal elements of each room and house in general, is its floor. Its appearance and materials it is made of are of great importance not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical one, as well. […]


Mistakes in Laminate Laying

  Laminate is a popular, comfortable and practical kind of flooring. Its laying and care are also pretty easy. Though, there are situations, when laminate deforms and loses its shape and appearance. Why it happens? Let’s understand all the reasons of these troubles. Firstly, you must be sure, that this material is right for your room, office, etc. What it is determined by? A room must be heated well enough; […]