Trendy Colors of Laminate

Laminate deserves a leader among other floor coverings as it can be used in different premises (housing and offices). Laminate is very practical, easy in use, durable and looks really wonderful! One more advantage is that this material has many colors and diversity of texture. The needed color, picture or texture can be easily chosen for the particular design and color spectrum. If you don’t know what color of laminate […]

harmonics flooring where to buy

Harmonic flooring for the seekers of harmony

Harmonic flooring become more and more popular today due to its simplicity of installation and cheap prices. Harmonic laminate flooring is a perfect example of click-lock laminate flooring and it was designed for people who are on budget. It can be easily set up without the help of any workers because it doesn’t need and glue, nails, cuttings and so on. It’s really like a surface that just floats over […]

High gloss white laminate sheets

White laminate sheets for those who love noble design!

What are white laminate sheets? Why are they getting so popular today! They’re already among the sky-blue, ocher and grey-blue laminate floorings that are considered to be the best-sellers in the market of flooring sheets. Free shipping laminate flooring becomes more available if you get the sheets from the list given above. Companies are interested in attracting more customers and as the customers buy incredible amounts of such floorings, the […]


Laying of Laminate with Your Own Hands

  Laminate is comparatively new type of flooring among the masses, but it has already managed to gain popularity. All is that it is very practical, comfortable and it is pretty easy to take care of it. It also should be added, that laminate has a wide price range and its color and picture diversity will please you greatly! So everybody can find the needed material to his/her own taste. […]


Laminate in the Form of Tiles

  Laminate is a very popular type of flooring today due its perfect technical characteristics and ease of use. There are many different kinds of laminate, its various textures and patterns. Let’s have a look at the kind of this material which is extremely popular nowadays – it is laminate in the form of tiles. Laminate, as a type of floor covering, consists of boards (lamellas). This particular kind of […]

plastic laminate clad lockers

Why plastic laminate lockers are so good

Traditional plastic laminate lockers deserve to be described as multifunctional piece of furniture. Standard laminate locker kook like panels that you saw in a gym. But today, it can be placed in apartment too. Does a locker look good in a bedroom? The main advantage of laminate locker is its size. Ideal plastic laminate lockers are really tiny. It can be placed in a corner of the room and there […]

wilsonart laminate edges

Wilson laminate – high quality and awesome look

Modern Wilson laminate resembles natural wood, but it is cheaper than natural wood, and in most cases more durable. At the official site of the company you may order Wilson laminate samples. These small pieces of laminate will be sent to your address, and you will have a chance to compare various types of Wilson laminate flooring. Take your time to make your final decision which color of the flooring […]

best quality wood for floors

Best wood for floors of the best apartments!

Are you up to getting the best wood for floors of your house or apartment? Are you going to change something about the design of your place or just want to replace the old and not good-looking flooring? Whatever you want to do with your floors you should take into account lots of factors when you come to the store and start a search. Firstly, it can seem that it’s […]