pictures of gray laminate flooring

Gray laminate flooring for any interior design

Replacing an old worn out flooring with new andhigh quality gray laminate flooring will definitely enhance the looks of the interior design of your premises and update it greately. Gray laminate sheets are represented in different tints of grey color and look’s details, which makes it the best type of flooring you can easily match with any type of décor or style trend. Modern market represents gray laminate wood flooring […]


The Examples of Non-Standard Use of Laminate

Having a lot of advantages, today laminate is the most popular kind of flooring. This material is lasting, resistant to different mechanical damage and it is inconclusive enough. Besides, laminate is pretty easy to install, you can do it by yourself. Laminate is used not only in living spaces (flats and private houses), you can also see it in the hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices (premises where the load on […]

laminate flooring quarry tile effect

Laminate flooring that looks like tile – mess everybody up!

Have you ever dreamed of having a laminate flooring that looks like tile at home? That’s kind of weird, but such flooring looks really good! Laminate that looks like tile can mess your guests up. Just pretend them exclaiming: “What a cool ceramic tile you have! That makes your kitchen and bathroom look just awesome!” And then you say: “Well, thank you! But, actually, it’s a laminate flooring that looks […]


Dark Laminate in the Interior Design

Each type, kind or color of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. This concerns its practical, aesthetic functions and the peculiarities of combining with other elements of interior design. Today we are going to speak about laminate of dark colors. At the first sight, it may seem that such flooring suits to some official places, cafes and restaurants, but this is not true. Dark laminate will look wonderful in […]

laminate plank wood flooring

Laminate plank flooring – the best way to organize the interior

Laminate plank flooring is a practical and aesthetically nice covering; it is very in looks to the real wood other natural materials. But it is also cheaper. Among the disadvantages it is not so easy to take care about. And of course flooring made of natural materials is more durable. Either narrow or wide plank laminate flooring it requires good maintenance and implies use of special cleaning products. There are […]

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Installing inexpensive laminate flooring

Although flooring materials cost a lot, you may get inexpensive laminate flooring when you “build” a simple plan your actions. First of all, take into account which kind of a room you want to cover. If it is a high traffic room, better choose durable laminate which will bear it. When you calculate the amount of material for your bedroom floor, buy inexpensive laminate wood flooring,which may cost about $1 […]


Laminate or Tile? What is better to Choose Today?

  Flooring market is huge and diverse nowadays. Every person chooses what he/she likes, in accordance with special requirements and functions of a needed material. Laminate and tile are the most popular among other flooring today. In order to make a right choice, you should familiarize with the peculiarities of each material and the most suitable places of their usage. Tile This flooring is still very popular, though it was […]

how to reface plastic laminate cabinets

Plastic laminate cabinets: quality, durability and good looks

Plastic laminate cabinets are becoming more and more popular in kitchen furniture due to its numerous advantages. Laminate for cabinets is resistant to mechanical damages. In comparison with other decor types cabinet laminate sheets withstand many mechanical damages and feature great durwbility. Usually plastic laminate cabinets manufacturer uses a special laminate covering, which creates an additional barrier from the scratches and chops. Plastic laminate cabinets are perfect for the houses […]