Ceiling Finish with Laminate

Laminate is a really multipurpose and even a unique product! It was originally used only for floor finishing. Then, with the passage of time (laminate passed the test of time successfully), it started to be used for finishing of other surfaces in the premise. Laminate looks great on the walls and on the ceiling.


Today we are going to speak about the usage of laminate for ceiling finishing. This variant of ceiling finishing has many advantages. First of all this material is ecological. The second important thing is that laminate is easy to take care of and your ceiling will look wonderful for many years. It can also help to warm a premise additionally. Besides, such repair works on the design of the ceiling won’t take much time and efforts; you can even do this work with your own hands. Speaking about the aesthetic aspect, it should be mentioned that this kind of ceiling finish helps to create cozy and very homelike atmosphere.

The ceiling with laminate finishing will approach any interior. It will give classical interior some noble look, as the material looks very natural. The diversity of laminate color and texture is very wide, so it is easy to find the type you need for any kind of interior design (hi-tech, modern, etc.). Each bold and uncommon idea will be implemented!

It is important to mention some peculiar properties and disadvantages of laminate. It is the well-known fact that this material is afraid of moisture. You must treat the top layer of boards with special protection (especially when the moisture level in the room is high). It should be also mentioned, that the height of your ceiling will be reduced (because of the framework for boards). You can avoid the carcass assembly only in the case where the surface of the ceiling is perfectly flat.


We hope that this short information will help you to make the right choice!

11 Photos of the Ceiling Finish with Laminate


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