Choosing right laminate flooring colors is a key to the successful design of the place you live in

What are your favorite laminate flooring colors: light-brownish, ocher, reddish, yellow, marble, nobly white or light-grey? What are your tastes? What kind of floors would you like to step at in your house or apartment? Think about it, but don’t choose something that you just like most of all.

Look carefully at the design of your rooms where you’re going to renew the floorings. Watch out for the colors that are already used in it. There is a golden rule for all well-educated designer: “use no more than three colors…” So if you have white-grey colors used in your living room – try to choose light blue or green or ocher hues to finish the whole idea.

wilsonart laminate floor colors

Laminate floor colors should be chosen carefully. Every guest coming to your place will evaluate your tastes! Don’t you want to become known for the worst taste ever, do you? Rightly chosen laminate flooring colors styles can help you to become the king of the design!

Laminate floor colors designs can be chosen from the tables of color-selections. Find these table on the Internet and do your best!

most popular laminate floor colors

23 Photos of the Choosing right laminate flooring colors is a key to the successful design of the place you live in

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  1. Kylie says:

    I tried the “contact us” but the message failed to send..

    I found this site after googling photos of green laminate. But where can I buy this? I cannot seem to find any green coloured laminate for sale at all. I really want the one in the 9th picture. (3rd from the left, second row down). Where can I get this in Australia? As I said I’ve googled many Australian flooring companies and none of them have any laminate that is green at all. They are only standard wood colours like brown, black, red, greys.

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