Choosing vinyl laminate flooring: advantages, features, prices, reviews

Floor is a part of the interior, for which is particularly important such characteristics as practicality and durability, and that’s all about vinyl laminate flooring. If you want to install not just stylish, beautiful, but reliable and high quality flooring, then you have to use best laminate vinyl flooring – this is ideal for you. He appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already become the most popular among other floor coverings.

The main criterion of the strength of laminate vinyl flooring is vinyl, with which is treated the base in order to improve wear resistance. Plank laminate consists of two layers: a protective and lower. The upper protective layer is usually made of polyurethane or aluminum oxide. This layer gives the surface an aesthetic look like a stone, wood or parquet, he is also able to simulate the skin or sand in three-dimensional quality.
You can read in any laminate vinyl flooring reviews that the lower layer is the foundation and it’s made of vinyl, which is a guarantee of the strength of the floor. Vinyl layer thickness is about 0.5 mm. The middle passes between layers, which is made in the form of stone chips, and is issued from the vinyl substrate as an additional stabilizing layer.

Vinyl laminate wood flooring

The laminate vinyl flooring difference is its multi-layer, that’s why it largely superiors to other types of coatings. You can lay wood laminate vinyl flooring in your house and it will look like real parquet.

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