Dark Laminate in the Interior Design

Each type, kind or color of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. This concerns its practical, aesthetic functions and the peculiarities of combining with other elements of interior design.


Today we are going to speak about laminate of dark colors. At the first sight, it may seem that such flooring suits to some official places, cafes and restaurants, but this is not true. Dark laminate will look wonderful in the house, as well. It gives some nobility and chick. Though, there are some peculiarities. Let’s see them in details.

First of all, from the practical point of view, such kind of flooring requires more thorough cleaning. As dust and other garbage is more visible on the dark floor. The same situation with scratches, they are also more visible here. Though, you can choose another variant of dark laminate (with matte finish or of heterogeneous dark color) in order to avoid these things, as they will not be so visible.

Now let’s talk about the peculiarities connected with design and its elements. First of all, you shouldn’t use dark laminate in small rooms with the lack of sunlight. You should also choose the colors of furniture and other elements very attentively, in order not to spoil the total look of your room. Making contrast is one of the best variants. For example, you can combine dark floor with light walls and furniture. In this way the room will look rich and gorgeous.


Today the variety of tones and shades of dark laminate can amaze. It is easy to get lost! So you need to think carefully what shade to decide. Maybe, the color which imitates real wood and looks really noble?  Warm and fashionable chocolate looks also great or cold, but so stylish stone?

20 Photos of the Dark Laminate in the Interior Design


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