Elegant and Quietest Haro Laminate

Laminate floor is a modern and convenient decision today. It is very comfortable, practical and elegant. One more advantage of this material is that it is easy to take care of. Haro laminate is one of the most popular in Europe. It is produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards. One of its peculiarities is a special know-how, ComforTec technology. It protects your health and creates comfortable atmosphere in premises. Only imagine, due to this technology the noise level can be reduced by 60%! This is fantastic!


Above this, Haro laminate has many other advantages and positive features. Let’s get acquainted with the main of them:
1. First of all, Haro laminate looks authentically and naturally. Its boards are almost similar to parquet, and its color spectrum and texture are similar to real wood. The manufacturer uses only natural dyes, as only they can convey the palette of nature so accurately. Haro design is worked out carefully, that lets complete every interior, emphasize its main details and cause delight. 90% of Haro laminate design imitates real wood.
2. This laminate mostly consists of natural wood material (90%). At the same time, it is resistant to many negative factors: beginning with hits and sharp heels, ending with high temperatures and sunlight. Its hardboards are treated specially, that make them impervious to moisture. Haro laminate is also an eco-friendly product, which is not harmful even to allergies. Its price policy will pleasantly surprise you.
3. It is worth mentioning, that its laying is not difficult at all. Its guarantee is durable- 25 years. The manufacturer uses only ecological and secure materials, and was awarded the mark “Blue Angel”.
4. The upper layer contains melamine, which provides incredible strength and durability of this laminate flooring. The bottom plate stabilizes and retains the shape.

Getting acquainted with all these advantages of Haro laminate, it wouldn’t be difficult to make a decision and choose this wonderful laminate flooring.


13 Photos of the Elegant and Quietest Haro Laminate


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