Engineered laminate flooring vs natural hardwood

Among different types of wood-like flooring hardwood and engineered laminate flooring are tend to be confused.

Laminate floor covering is a long-life and economic flooring that you can find in various colors, desings and textures. In the Internet there are numerous engineered laminate flooring reviews showing advantages of this material that makes it the most demanded at the market.

engineered laminate flooring for stairs

Laminate’s essence is High Density Fiber and the upper layer is a special coating that makes it durable and glossy. Laminate is considered to be the most durable and easy to maintain material, though it requires special cleaners to preserve the initial looks of new flooring.

Speaking about the difference between engineered laminate flooring and hardwood material then of course natural material tend to obtain more points. Everything depends on how big budjet you have for the flooring replacement.

Wood flooring planks are made from the solid pieces of natural wood; the planks as well as laminate ones have special locks that ameks the installation process quite fast and easy.

unfinished engineered laminate flooring

Hardwood is easy to tace care about and a slightly wet mop is enough to keep it shiny. Though natural wood is easy to damage, but on the other hand it may look like vintage flooring when it worns out. maintenance to keep them looking great. And another big minus about the hardwood its high price, but of course it is hard to deny its gorgeousness and looks.

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