Hardwood, bamboo and laminate flooring pros and cons

Comparing hardwood and laminate flooring pros and cons you may decide which flooring is for you. The great advantage of laminate is its easy installation. Installing the cheapest laminate flooring yourself you save. The amount of these savings may reach thousands of dollars. Hardwood floors are more durable and will last longer, but the material itself is more expensive.

If the installation of laminate bought at discount flooring warehouse may be done without any professional help, hardwood flooring installation requires calling a contractor. The labour costs much more than hardwood. Laminate is an affordable material. It can be found in most home improvement discount flooring stores for the prices which sometimes are under $1.

cork laminate flooring pros and cons

The cheapest USA laminate flooring offered at Lumber Liquidators store costs under $0,50. Laminate floors just remind real wood, staying synthetically made materials. Although most companies affirm laminate is an eco-friendly stuff, nobody will argue there is nothing more natural for the flooring than real hardwood. Laminates are afraid of water and humidity. Although wood flooring may also absorb water, it won’t cause damages as in case with laminate. An alternative for laminate and hardwood is bamboo flooring. When you weight all bamboo laminate flooring pros and cons, you should decide if it is for you. Bamboo installation needs tools. The floor looks like hardwood, but less durable and does not absorb sound.

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