How do you clean laminate floors in your house?

If you hear the question: “How do you clean laminate floors?”, it may seem you at least strange. It is evident – with water, sure! However, the question has sense. It is easy to clean laminate hardwood, but this flooring does not love much water. If stains appear also never use bleach – the floor will lose its initial color. Scrubbing the floor with brushes( especially metal ones) will damage the upper layer.

Any chemical solutions and powders, furniture sprays and polishers will ruin the structure of laminate. If you do not have a special mop for floor cleaning and do not know how to clean laminate floors without streaks, there is one tip: use soft cloth, a little bit damp, but not too wet. Steam mopping will also leave no streaks. There is a popular housekeepers’ helper on sale – Bona laminate floor cleaner. It is designed for laminate and hardwood floors. No cord, no batteries – the floor cleaner has a reusable pad for cleaning the surfaces.

How to clean laminate floors with vinegar

A special Bona solution is used when you clean your floors with Bona. Before starting using the smart cleaner and solution read carefully Bona laminate floor cleaner instructions. You have to pour out Bona solution into the cleaner and then start working. Push the trigger of Bona cleaner from time to time, especially in the areas which have stains. It helps perfectly. If you hesitate whether it is so useful buying this unit, read Bona laminate floor cleaner reviews online to get various oppinions.

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