How to Choose Skirting Boards for Laminate



Each of us dreams of his own house, which is cozy, comfortable and well-groomed. Plan is thought out beforehand, materials are chosen carefully, design is created. One of the principal elements of each room and house in general, is its floor. Its appearance and materials it is made of are of great importance not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical one, as well.

Laminate is a very popular material as flooring and wall decoration. It is comfortable, durable and practical. Today we are going to speak about skirting boards for laminate. At the first sight, these details aren’t of great importance, though they have their own functions and tasks. A skirting board is a special lath, which must hide gaps between laminate flooring and a wall or between laminate and a ceiling (in case of wall decoration).

One more function of skirting boards is to protect walls and their decoration during sweeping, mopping and other cleaning. Nowadays, skirting boards are made of different materials, such as: veneer, plate of wood fiber, wood, foam, polyurethane, aluminum, plastic and ceramics. Speaking about laminate, it should be mentioned, that this material is combined with wooden, veneer and skirting boards made of wood fiber, in the best way.


The next criteria, while choosing skirting boards are color, texture and size. Skirting boards are a part of flooring, so their color is usually the same or similar, though, there are variants when contrasts are also possible (for example laminate of a light color is combined with dark skirting boards, in tone with furniture and doors) and look really showily and fashionable.

Speaking about the texture of skirting boards, it must be the same as the texture of laminate, so it is better to buy them together. You should avoid of using small skirting boards, especially when a room is big.

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