Laminate bathroom countertops: general characteristics and ideas

General characteristics

No doubt, you need to opt for laminate. Laminate flooring is considered one of the best for the production of table tops for the bathroom. If you want to redo laminate bathroom countertop, then


raw material has several advantages over products made from other materials. The structure of the laminate does not absorb moisture, so the emergence of bacteria, microorganisms and bacteria is minimized. Also, the product has high resistance to mechanical damage, damage or scratch the production is quite difficult. But if you still have caused damage, the defects are eliminated without much effort. Countertops in the bathroom of the laminate does not require special care, all impurities are removed by detergents.

A great material for designers

Numerous colors and textures make this material for optimum design decisions. If you desire to order custom tabletop form, the laminate is suitable for this purpose. The unique structure of the laminate allows you finally obtaining different forms of production. Because of this, we can realize your imaginative ideas in the design of the bathroom interior.


Advantages of laminate bathroom countertops

Countertops made of laminate have many advantages over the tops of other materials (marble, granite, glass). This is due to the properties of the laminate bathroom countertops itself. Here are the brief bases that allow thinking so.

A countertop is one of the essential pieces of furniture in the spacious bathroom. You will get much more stylish bathroom interior, if it is equipped with functional top. Toiletries and cosmetics can be kept on it, and placed things that should be on hand at any given time. Bathroom countertops are an autonomous module that can be of different lengths, having both the simple and complex configuration. It can also have any decoration.

Formica bathroom countertops

Presently, Formica bathroom countertops are a well-liked brand name of the best laminate countertops. They come in both many styles and colors. It represents one of the most inexpensive options for bathroom countertops.

Advantages of Formica bathroom countertops:

  • General availability;
  • Easy customizability;
  • Diversity of styles and colors to select from;
  • An easy option for owners.

Formica bathroom laminate countertops are significantly cheaper than higher-end materials such as soapstone, granite, or manufactured quartz.

Therefore, Formica bathroom countertops are a sensible and long-lasting option, chiefly for those families which always have high-traffic bathrooms.

Types of countertops for bathroom

There are various options for laminate bathroom countertop ideas. For example, the desktop shell can be set up on any tabletop – stone, wood, made of artificial material. Countertops for bathroom made of easily cutting materials (laminated chipboard, MDF, composite) are better suited for embedded shells. Hinged table top can be a combination with hanging sink. Most countertops for the bathroom together with shells together are made in a form of a sink-countertop. These models have several advantages: they look very stylish, are easier to care (as they solid), have easier connection (because there is no difficulty with cutting countertop).

Advantages of bath laminate countertops:

  • Strong and durable
  • Hygienic
  • Resistant to stains and dirt
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Undemanding to care


Today, every customer has the opportunity to choose everything on his own taste. It may be a mixture of both unique textures and colors, or conventional surfaces with a matte finish. Countertops under sink made of laminate remarkable harmony with the stylistic decisions in a country style with ethnic interiors. Thanks to the technology of seamless connection components, you can create any form of products. Laminate is a material with high ductility properties, which makes it possible to realize various kinds of artistic decorations in the interior environment.

14 Photos of the Laminate bathroom countertops: general characteristics and ideas

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