Laminate Flooring. Types of Design

As it is known and practically proved, laminate is one of the most popular, comfortable and safe kinds of flooring today. Besides, it looks great and it is easy to use.


All repairs start with floor: flooring installation and its decoration. It is a fundamental part, in a literal and figurative sense, of the all interior design of house or office.

Due to the technical progress, creativity and hard work of different specialists, there is a big classification system of laminate flooring today: durable and technical characteristics, kinds of structure, practical features and, of course, speaking about its aesthetic aspect, – types of design.

Laminate has one more advantage: you can create almost every kind of material on the floor with its help! The diversity of different patterns and textures will impress you greatly!

  1. Traditional Wood

It is the most old and popular type of laminate flooring. It looks like a real wooden floor, imitating different kinds of it (oak, maple, pine, beech, etc.)

  1. Metal Shine

This variant is opposite to the previous one. Such type of laminate appeared under the influence of hi-tech style. This progressive and unusual type of flooring is a result of adding particles of glass and metal to the laminate board itself.

  1. Gloss of Real Leather

This type of flooring will be appreciated by people who have sophisticated and extraordinary aesthetic taste. In case, you have chosen this variant, the floor is not just a part of interior design anymore; it is a central element of your design, now!

  1. Majesty of Stone

Such type of laminate flooring gives the feeling of strength and stability to the house. In contrast to the real stone, such kind of flooring material isn’t cold; it is pretty comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

  1. Design Fantasy

There is an infinite number of ideas and an endless list of patterns, textures and even real pictures, you can easily create on the floor!


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