Laminate for Heating Floor

Recently, laminate was not useful as a topcoat for underfloor heating. Materials deformed because of the minimum temperature changes. Everything is different today. Floor heating is widely used under laminate topcoat. But to be sure, that it can be used together with different floor heating systems, one should know the principle criteria while choosing laminate flooring. Start with the heating floor system itself.


There are two types of them: electric and water. An appropriate laminate topcoat is recommended for each of the systems. Primarily, one should know, that not every laminate can be used together with heating floor. The need material must be labeled with the special marking by the manufacturer. It gives dead certainty that a particular product can be exploited with heated floor. Such marking can be found on the package or in the instruction. It is also must be specified the maximum temperature for laminate flooring there. As a rule, it is 27-28C. Ordinary laminate is unsuitable for heating floor, as it can release hazardous substances while using together with warm flooring.

The next criteria, one should pay attention to, are the coefficient of thermal coating. This index is very important. The higher it is, the higher the insulating properties the laminate has. According to the European standards, EN, this index shouldn’t be more than 0,15m2*KW. This number depends on the density and thickness of the laminate flooring. The thickness of the needed material mustn’t be more than 8-10mm. The third criteria for laminate above heating floor, are the class of material according to the room. The material, which class is higher, is more qualitative and has higher wear resistance (class 32-33).


Living space can be divided into several areas: sleeping, working, transit and relaxation area. Each of these areas has its peculiarities. It must be taken into consideration while choosing the system of underfloor heating and suitable laminate flooring for it.


22 Photos of the Laminate for Heating Floor


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