Laminate in the Form of Tiles



Laminate is a very popular type of flooring today due its perfect technical characteristics and ease of use. There are many different kinds of laminate, its various textures and patterns. Let’s have a look at the kind of this material which is extremely popular nowadays – it is laminate in the form of tiles. Laminate, as a type of floor covering, consists of boards (lamellas). This particular kind of laminate has lamellas of square shape. Such square lamellas imitate tile, wooden and even metallic floor!

This kind of laminate has many advantages. First of all this square shape is very popular today as it can be easily combined with modern design tendencies and looks really naturally. Besides, there is a great variety of colors, textures and patterns of this kind of laminate. This type of floor covering can be used in living spaces and in offices, as well.

From a technical and practical point of view, you should pay attention to the class of this laminate, as it is very important. You should choose laminate of the 31st class for a bedroom or a living room; the 32nd class will be suitable for a kitchen; the 33rd class is good for a small office. Laminate of the 34th class is extremely lasting; its technical characteristics are really great and wonderful! This material can be used in large halls, cafés and restaurants.


Speaking about living spaces, it should be admitted, that this laminate in the form of tiles is very suitable for kitchens. First of all, it is a moisture resistant product. Choose a lock type of joints of lamellas, as it can be easily fixed if necessary. One more important thing is slipping, it can be dangerous, especially in the kitchen (water and fat drops), so make sure, that the chosen laminate is not very slippery.

Speaking about modern design tendencies, it should be admitted, that floor and walls of similar colors don’t look good, so try to make some contrast (fair walls and dark floor or vice versa).

We hope, that this short information will help you to make the right choice!



10 Photos of the Laminate in the Form of Tiles


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