Laminate or Tile? What is better to Choose Today?



Flooring market is huge and diverse nowadays. Every person chooses what he/she likes, in accordance with special requirements and functions of a needed material. Laminate and tile are the most popular among other flooring today. In order to make a right choice, you should familiarize with the peculiarities of each material and the most suitable places of their usage.


This flooring is still very popular, though it was created many years and even centuries ago! It is very durable (more than 50 years), wear resistant and serviceable, all that lets use it in premises, where the load is heavy. Tile doesn’t require any special cleaners or care. This material has excellent moisture resistance. It is difficult to scratch and damage. One more advantage is the variety of colors and texture, suitable tile can be chosen for every design and interior. Besides, tile is an eco-friendly material.


Though, there are some disadvantages. Tile is difficult and finicky in laying. Although new technologies and facilities has appeared (special glue, aids), its laying must be entrusted only professionals. It is also should be mentioned, that tile has high thermal conductivity. Such flooring is very heavy; the base must be very strong and reliable. Tile is a slippery surface. Tile flooring is perfect for a kitchen and a bathroom.


Laminate flooring was created not a long time ago, but gained popularity very soon. It has many “pluses”. Laminate is easy and comfortable in laying. It is soundproofing and has excellent heat insulating properties. Laminate flooring is abrasion resistant, practical and lasting. There are many wonderful colors of laminate at the market today. Besides, laminate flooring is ecological and safe for adults and children.

Though, there are some “minuses”. Such flooring has poor moisture resistance and needs special care. Speaking about laminate cleaning, it should be taken care of carefully. You must use only mild cleaners and soft tools. Laminate flooring will perfectly suit a bedroom, a living-room, a children’s room and a hallway.


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