Laminate Production (how it is produced)

Laminate is one of the most popular flooring in the market diversity today. It is not surprisingly as such flooring is very practical and comfortable in usage. Laminate was invented not a long time ago. In 1970s a Swedish company produced a similar material. It consisted only of two layers and was called “laminated plastic”. The first laminate was difficult to compare with its “modern descendant”. It didn’t have the advantages and functions, modern laminate has today.


Time is running, progress and new technologies appear all the time. Ten years later, a German company “Chronitex”, performed the world a brand new material, real laminate flooring, almost the same, as we use today. The new epoch began. Rivalry appeared at the market. In order to control quality standards and manufacturers, European Association of Laminate Producers was established in 1994. Modern laminate flooring is usable, practical and has beautiful appearance. The technology isn’t easy and requires professionalism.

Let’s look inside laminate flooring. The first layer is a waterproof paper. It is impregnated with resin to absorb moisture and protect an HDF plate. Then goes the second layer- an HDF plate itself (density 880 kg/m3). Its function is to save the structure and the form of flooring. This material is very hard. Then a membrane is laid down. Now an HDF plate and the next two layers are reliably protected from moisture. Special paper or foil goes next. It has the structure and look of the simulated material (wood, stone, etc). The final stage is the last layer. Its main function is to save good appearance of laminate itself. This layer is coated with resin. This process called “lamination” and gave the name of this product (laminate).

There are many companies producing laminate today. Laminate flooring gained popularity not only in Europe, but also in the world. Each manufacturer has its own technology subtleties and secrets and doesn’t stop surprising clients with interesting know-how.



12 Photos of the Laminate Production (how it is produced)


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