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Laying of Laminate with Your Own Hands


Laminate is comparatively new type of flooring among the masses, but it has already managed to gain popularity. All is that it is very practical, comfortable and it is pretty easy to take care of it. It also should be added, that laminate has a wide price range and its color and picture diversity will please you greatly! So everybody can find the needed material to his/her own taste. One more advantage of such kind of flooring is that you can lay it with your own hands in order to avoid unwanted expenses. Due to modern technologies, laying of laminate can be done even by a beginner.

Laminate coating consists of lamellas which have clear and correct forms. Their connection will not be very difficult even for premises with complex plans. Before starting the process of its laying, you must be sure, that laminate is the type of flooring you really need. Examine the floor itself, it must be cleaned carefully and leveled off, if it is needed.

Laying of Laminate on a Wooden Floor

Substrate, which is made of polyethylene foam, is put on the clean and smooth surface. Elements of laminate are laid on the substrate.

Laying of Laminate on a Concrete Floor

In this case you will need waterproofing. This waterproofing foil (it may be a special membrane or a simple polyethylene) is laid on the floor at first. Substrate and laminate lamellas go after that.

You should take laminate with a reserve when buying it. Even a professional is not immune from mistakes, especially when it comes to cutting of lamellas for the formation of corners, bends and openings. Laying of laminate must be started from the area near windows, then move gradually to the entrance.

Follow the instructions clearly, do all the work carefully and you will be pleased with the result!


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