Light laminate in the interior of the house

Laminate has become popular as a type of flooring in the house relatively recently. More and more people prefer laminate flooring to other flooring materials and this is not surprising. Its affordable price, simplicity in styling and a huge number of color variations attract homeowners and it’s no wonder. In addition, the laminate is easy to repair: if necessary, you can simply replace one damaged board with another.


Light laminate has become a favorite variant of the floor design of the house, because it fits almost any interior of the room and does not oblige to choose any particular style or color. The laminate of soft, light colors can be selected for both classic style and modern urban design. Shades of light wood, such as beech, maple, ash and pine, as well as white, milky, light gray, ivory, will look great.

The main advantage of light laminate tones over others is the ability to lighten and visually expand the room. The light that penetrates into the room, fights off the white floor and spreads through all of it, unlike the dark tones that absorb the light. Light laminate flooring is especially important in buildings with small windows and small rooms, in the rooms on the north side. Such a decision will radically change and transform the general form of housing. It will become spacious and airy. Do not worry too much about the fear that light color is easily soiled. Quite the opposite: dust and small trash, mechanical damage and scratches are less visible on the light laminate.

Most of all a laminate of light colors is used in the living room and in the bedroom. It can wonderfully create a cozy home atmosphere, which is so necessary in the house.


When choosing the color scheme of other interior elements, such as doors, skirting boards, walls, window sills, you can choose both: combination of similar colors and contrast of colors. As contrast to a light laminate, the tone of the door may be radically differ even up to black, but you should still follow the basic rule: the warm tone of the laminate should be emphasized by the warm color of the door and the plinth too. The rule is the same with the cold colors.

Gray and silver laminate looks deeper in rooms with blue, light-blue and lilac ornament. The door should be at least one tone darker.

Beige laminate tones should be emphasized with the same beige, milky, gently pink, light coffee colors. This option is perfect for a children’s room.

20 Photos of the Light laminate in the interior of the house


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