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Mistakes in Laminate Laying


Laminate is a popular, comfortable and practical kind of flooring. Its laying and care are also pretty easy. Though, there are situations, when laminate deforms and loses its shape and appearance. Why it happens? Let’s understand all the reasons of these troubles.

Firstly, you must be sure, that this material is right for your room, office, etc. What it is determined by?

  1. A room must be heated well enough; different temperature and humidity changes are excluded.
  2. A floor itself, as a base for laminate, must be comparatively flat.
  3. Electric floor heating mustn’t be used together with laminate flooring.
  4. This kind of flooring is “afraid” of water, so it cannot be used in a bathroom, near a working area in a kitchen; it also shouldn’t be used in a hallway, as frequent wet cleaning is required here.

Speaking about the most common mistakes while laying laminate, the following should be mentioned:

  1. Just bought and brought laminate shouldn’t be laid at once. The reason for it is that we don’t know the peculiarities of the microclimate of the place, where this laminate was kept before (humidity and temperature). The material should lay a little to get used to the microclimate of the room, it will be laid in (as laminate will change its size a bit under the new conditions).
  2. Don’t save on the substrate. This is a base for your future laminate flooring. The duration and comfort of its use depends on this base, so it should be qualitative.
  3. You should left small gaps from the adjacent walls, while laying laminate. The reason for it is that, during its usage and because of the mentioned factors (temperature, humidity), parts of laminate (lamellas) will increase in width; so these gaps will be filled with time.


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