Non-standard Use of Laminate in Design



Today laminate is one of the most popular and widely used type of flooring, but it is not the only way of its applying.  Design solutions and methods are varying all the time, delighting us with new tendencies and trends.

Use of laminate for walls is really an ingenious solution, but is wonderful and stylish. Great appearance of this material, its easy assembling and ease of care made this design solution accessible and popular. Various laminate coloration and texture let choose the needed kind of this material for every interior style.

Laminate can be used as panels for walls. There are many kinds and variants of such panels. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable variant and to fit it properly into the overall style. In this case, laminate wouldn’t be the main element of design; it would perfectly compliment other materials and details.


There are many design and interior functions of laminate panels:

  • Such panels help to zone a room and focus on its needed part;
  • Their usage on the working wall in the kitchen creates an excellent ensemble with kitchen furniture (taking into consideration the fact, that this kind of laminate is waterproof, such panels will be enduring and practical);
  • For lining decoration in the loggia or balcony (it must be taking into consideration fluctuations of temperature and humidity, and the proper class of laminate must be chosen);
  • For wall decoration in the bathroom (it is important to know, that even moisture resistant laminate can’t be used as wall decoration in the shower).

Manufacturers supported this idea of laminate usage and realized the special product series with the system of mount and railing. All that remains is to choose the needed type and class of laminate and the appropriate method of its assembling according to the place and its design functions.


14 Photos of the Non-standard Use of Laminate in Design

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