Laminate or Tile? What is better to Choose Today?

  Flooring market is huge and diverse nowadays. Every person chooses what he/she likes, in accordance with special requirements and functions of a needed material. Laminate and tile are the most popular among other flooring today. In order to make a right choice, you should familiarize with the peculiarities of each material and the most suitable places of their usage. Tile This flooring is still very popular, though it was […]


Elegant and Quietest Haro Laminate

Laminate floor is a modern and convenient decision today. It is very comfortable, practical and elegant. One more advantage of this material is that it is easy to take care of. Haro laminate is one of the most popular in Europe. It is produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards. One of its peculiarities is a special know-how, ComforTec technology. It protects your health and creates comfortable atmosphere […]


New Kronotex Laminate Collection 2016

Kronotex laminate is one of the most qualitative and durable. It is produced on plants of the Krono concern in Germany and Austria. These are innovative and eco friendly wooden products for modern building, comfortable and healthy life. The company Kronotex GmbH & Co. was founded in 1992. It is one of the leading laminate producing companies in Europe. Protection of nature and a human being and creating healthy climate […]


Laminate for Heating Floor

Recently, laminate was not useful as a topcoat for underfloor heating. Materials deformed because of the minimum temperature changes. Everything is different today. Floor heating is widely used under laminate topcoat. But to be sure, that it can be used together with different floor heating systems, one should know the principle criteria while choosing laminate flooring. Start with the heating floor system itself. There are two types of them: electric […]


Laminate bathroom countertops: general characteristics and ideas

General characteristics No doubt, you need to opt for laminate. Laminate flooring is considered one of the best for the production of table tops for the bathroom. If you want to redo laminate bathroom countertop, then raw material has several advantages over products made from other materials. The structure of the laminate does not absorb moisture, so the emergence of bacteria, microorganisms and bacteria is minimized. Also, the product has […]


Laminate countertop sheets: description, advantages, cost

Contemporary laminate is far superior to its predecessors. Do you how visible previously laminate joints were? If for producing laminate countertop sheets you can find experienced and qualified manufacturer, you will forget about the joints. First integrated sinks were installed only on the tops of stone and solid surface, but now they can be used with laminate countertops. From now you can forget about the crumbs, clogged under the edge […]

Hand scraped laminate flooring pictures

Long lasting beautiful handscraped laminate flooring

The natural look of handscraped laminate flooring is explained by its texture. When this laminate is manufactured, the design layer gets some specifications differing it from the other laminates. The surface which imitates the hand-scraped look and old-time touch is added. The core layer features plastic resin which makes this flooring waterproof, soundproof and very warm. This type of flooring comes on sale in two formats – narrow plank and […]

Vinyl laminate flooring for kitchen

Choosing vinyl laminate flooring: advantages, features, prices, reviews

Floor is a part of the interior, for which is particularly important such characteristics as practicality and durability, and that’s all about vinyl laminate flooring. If you want to install not just stylish, beautiful, but reliable and high quality flooring, then you have to use best laminate vinyl flooring – this is ideal for you. He appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already become the most […]

Floating laminate floor over carpet

Benefits of floating laminate floor

Modern floating laminate floor may be attached directly to concrete surface with no subflooring installed. Such a laminate floating floor has got its name thanks to the specification of its structure.The floor planks are locked together with the help of special clips “floating” over the subfloor. No nails or glue are needed – the lock system creates a floor solid construction. The floor “moves” above the subflooring and expands when […]

Best laminate wood floor cleaner

The best laminate floor cleaner for home

To choose the best laminate floor cleaner for your flooring you should look at the structure of a laminate panel. It has 4 layers – a bottom moisture resistant, a thicker core layer, a layer with an image of wood or stone and a clear wear layer. If you damage the upper layer, you will ruin the floor color and if water penetrates through the laminate panels, the flooring will […]