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The best laminate flooring companies

There are many laminate flooring companies which manufacture this product, but only few of them are known for their high quality durable laminate. Armstrong has become the most popular not only among USA laminate flooring companies, but overseas as well. For the second century the company has been designing and manufacturing laminate 8-12 mm thick. Some of laminates of this company are textured, which gives the feeling of real wood […]

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Buying flooring materials at laminate floor sale

The floor installation in the entire house is a very pricy project, so you should initially make its cost lower buying laminate boards at laminate floor sale. The average price for a square foot of laminate florring is $1-$2,5 for a thinner product and $3-$6 for thick, 10-12 mm floors. So if you need to cover the floors in a spacious 1000 ft 2-bedroom house you have to pay at […]

10mm oak laminate flooring

When 10mm laminate flooring is better

Laminate thickness of 6mm, 7mm, 8, 12 or 10mm laminate flooring does not influence on its durability. It only shows how thick is the floor fiberboard. Of course, you should ask then what for different kinds of laminate are manufactured. The thickness of the flooring material really plays its role, but does not reveal its quality. If you look at different laminate flooring samples you will see that this flooring […]

difference between engineered laminate wood flooring

Engineered laminate flooring vs natural hardwood

Among different types of wood-like flooring hardwood and engineered laminate flooring are tend to be confused. Laminate floor covering is a long-life and economic flooring that you can find in various colors, desings and textures. In the Internet there are numerous engineered laminate flooring reviews showing advantages of this material that makes it the most demanded at the market. Laminate’s essence is High Density Fiber and the upper layer is […]

refinishing plastic laminate cabinets

Plastic laminate cabinets: quality, durability and good looks

Plastic laminate cabinets are becoming more and more popular in kitchen furniture due to its numerous advantages. Laminate for cabinets is resistant to mechanical damages. In comparison with other decor types cabinet laminate sheets withstand many mechanical damages and feature great durwbility. Usually plastic laminate cabinets manufacturer uses a special laminate covering, which creates an additional barrier from the scratches and chops. Plastic laminate cabinets are perfect for the houses […]

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Hardwood, bamboo and laminate flooring pros and cons

Comparing hardwood and laminate flooring pros and cons you may decide which flooring is for you. The great advantage of laminate is its easy installation. Installing the cheapest laminate flooring yourself you save. The amount of these savings may reach thousands of dollars. Hardwood floors are more durable and will last longer, but the material itself is more expensive. If the installation of laminate bought at discount flooring warehouse may be […]

grey laminate flooring decor

Gray laminate flooring for any interior design

Replacing an old worn out flooring with new andhigh quality gray laminate flooring will definitely enhance the looks of the interior design of your premises and update it greately. Gray laminate sheets are represented in different tints of grey color and look’s details, which makes it the best type of flooring you can easily match with any type of décor or style trend. Modern market represents gray laminate wood flooring […]

laminate floor water sealant

When you should use laminate floor sealer

Using laminate floor sealer is not foreseen when you install your floors. When you buy laminate, it is already sealed. However, with time water may penetrate through the cracks between laminate boards ruining the floor. In this case (or better earlier) you should use laminate floor sealant – it will prevent moisture seeping between the floor board. If you read laminate floor sealer reviews attentively you will learn that there […]

best laminate flooring thickness

What is the best laminate flooring for your home?

To understand what is the best laminate flooring for your home you should answer yourself which specifications has each room your laminate is planned to be used in. All laminate is rated in AC system which defines its durability. If AC1 is good for bedrooms, AC2 is the best laminate floor for medium-traffic living rooms. AC3 is the best laminate floors for pets and any room in your house. If […]

how to choose quality laminate wood flooring

How to pick the high quality laminate flooring for your apartment

Everybody wants to buy high quality laminate flooring for home. But you should know some nuances while making the choice. So the first way to control the properties of the laminate is to check the laminate smell. The high quality laminate wood flooring will have virtually no smell. The second way to determine the laminate`s quality is to check the water resistance of it. The laminate of 32 or 33 […]