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Choosing durable rubber laminate flooring

Today rubber laminate flooring has become popular for its durability, water resistance and easy in its maintenance. Modern rubber laminate flooring is the best variant to install in these rooms where people have to walk or work standing for a pretty long time through the day. In bars,barber shops, restaurant kitchens, at schools this is the best idea of flooring choice. Durable rubber wood laminate flooring comes in various designs […]

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Cooperation of laminate flooring manufacturers, dealers and customers

The list of laminate flooring manufacturers is not as long as the list of retailers dealing with ready-made laminate. However,there are several USA laminate flooring manufacturers which are known not only inside the country, but overseas. Duramar california, Armstrong, Kronotex, Pergo, Tiger Floor and Wilsonart are known on the other continents. All laminate flooring companies are interested in cooperation with the popular discounters and retailers. The existing laminate flooring suppliers […]

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The main types of laminate flooring surface

In this article we will talk about the basic types of laminate flooring. So there are several laminate flooring types of surface. Normal surface is the standard coating of the laminate, which is virtually in any manufacturer. This coating has a noticeable silky sheen (the analogue of the matte varnish) it is smooth with clearly visible reflection in the small depressions on the surface-strokes. “Natural” surface exactly mimics varnished natural […]

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Laminate floor installers prices in different states

As a rule laminate floor installers ask for $4,5-$6,5 when installing 1 foot of the floor. Depending on the state and the city where you live and where you want to hire a contractor laminate floor installers price differs, and differs sufficiently. If in Miami, Florida, you will pay approximately $4,52 for a simple low cost installations (the price for 1 ft), in Houston area this will be slightly higher […]

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The laminate floor cost – how to reduce it

The laminate floor cost is determined not only with the material you want to buy to cover the floors. In case if you are ready to install your flooring yourself it is really enough to calculate how much you will pay for the flooring materials. If you have the required tools and subfloor is ready, take into account only the money you will pay for new laminate. In this case […]

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DIY and professional installation of laminate flooring

The installation of laminate flooring is a time-taking process, which should be step by step, keeping to manufacturer’s installation recommendations. The first stage of laminate flooring installation is covering the floor with underlayment. Using utility knife, cut the needed piece of underlayment and install it. Then start installing laminate boards ( along the wall). You should make shims between the wall and laminate board to provide a gap allowing the […]

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Installing inexpensive laminate flooring

Although flooring materials cost a lot, you may get inexpensive laminate flooring when you “build” a simple plan your actions. First of all, take into account which kind of a room you want to cover. If it is a high traffic room, better choose durable laminate which will bear it. When you calculate the amount of material for your bedroom floor, buy inexpensive laminate wood flooring,which may cost about $1 […]

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What is the cost to install laminate flooring?

The cost to install laminate flooring depends on the type of installation you choose. If you pick up a do-it-yourself variant, it will be cheaper more than twice: you will pay only for the flooring and for underlayment. The average laminate floor prices vary from one to six dollars per square foot. The underlayment price is about 30 cents per 1 ft. If you do not have tools at home, […]

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Choosing a water resistant laminate flooring: the basic rules

If the classic version with tiles is too traditional for you, then pay attention to the water resistant laminate flooring. Do not be scared of this idea! Times when the laminate has swollen after get wet have already passed, new type of flooring is waterproof and water resistant wood laminate flooring. Resistant to water and moisture laminate can be safely used in kitchens and bathrooms. With proper selection of materials […]

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Laminate plank flooring – the best way to organize the interior

Laminate plank flooring is a practical and aesthetically nice covering; it is very in looks to the real wood other natural materials. But it is also cheaper. Among the disadvantages it is not so easy to take care about. And of course flooring made of natural materials is more durable. Either narrow or wide plank laminate flooring it requires good maintenance and implies use of special cleaning products. There are […]