installation of shaw laminate flooring

DIY and professional installation of laminate flooring

The installation of laminate flooring is a time-taking process, which should be step by step, keeping to manufacturer’s installation recommendations. The first stage of laminate flooring installation is covering the floor with underlayment. Using utility knife, cut the needed piece of underlayment and install it. Then start installing laminate boards ( along the wall). You should make shims between the wall and laminate board to provide a gap allowing the […]

inexpensive laminate flooring installation

Installing inexpensive laminate flooring

Although flooring materials cost a lot, you may get inexpensive laminate flooring when you “build” a simple plan your actions. First of all, take into account which kind of a room you want to cover. If it is a high traffic room, better choose durable laminate which will bear it. When you calculate the amount of material for your bedroom floor, buy inexpensive laminate wood flooring,which may cost about $1 […]

how much does it cost to install laminate flooring on stairs

What is the cost to install laminate flooring?

The cost to install laminate flooring depends on the type of installation you choose. If you pick up a do-it-yourself variant, it will be cheaper more than twice: you will pay only for the flooring and for underlayment. The average laminate floor prices vary from one to six dollars per square foot. The underlayment price is about 30 cents per 1 ft. If you do not have tools at home, […]

water resistant laminate flooring bathrooms

Choosing a water resistant laminate flooring: the basic rules

If the classic version with tiles is too traditional for you, then pay attention to the water resistant laminate flooring. Do not be scared of this idea! Times when the laminate has swollen after get wet have already passed, new type of flooring is waterproof and water resistant wood laminate flooring. Resistant to water and moisture laminate can be safely used in kitchens and bathrooms. With proper selection of materials […]

endless plank laminate flooring

Laminate plank flooring – the best way to organize the interior

Laminate plank flooring is a practical and aesthetically nice covering; it is very in looks to the real wood other natural materials. But it is also cheaper. Among the disadvantages it is not so easy to take care about. And of course flooring made of natural materials is more durable. Either narrow or wide plank laminate flooring it requires good maintenance and implies use of special cleaning products. There are […]

prestige oak laminate flooring menards

Modern laminate flooring Menards offers today

Today the laminate flooring Menards offers for its customers is one of the cheapest and at the same time best in quality laminate floorings offered at the market. Various of types of Menards laminate flooring and large number of propositions renewed regularly, will let any buyer choose the flooring to his taste and budget. One of the most often sold floorings is Mohawk laminate flooring Menards offers. The store prices […]

wickes textured laminate flooring

Undeniable advantages of textured laminate flooring

Textured laminate flooring is a brilliant solution for the floor covering. Possessing an affordable price, laminate gives the effect of the real wooden floor. In comparison with the last, it is much easier to clean and look after, it needn’t any scraping or repairing and it is significantly easier to install. Textured laminate flooring rustic oak will give the fool impression of the hardwood, due to its convexity. The floor […]

laminate wall panels b&q

Choosing durable laminate wall panels

Today’s choice of laminate wall panels available on the market is so rich and wide that choosing your variant may become a challenge. Really, when you have only several sample to pick up from, the task is easy, but how to buy your “right” laminate wall covering when hundreds of color shaves and laminate wall panels designs are offered? You can make this task easier, if you “separate” laminate wall […]

laminate wood flooring in basement

Durable and safe laminate flooring in basement

Laminate flooring in basement is a perfect solution for modern accommodations. Being not very expensive, this flooring is rather durable and long living. At first you should chose the laminate underlayment. The cork one is the most ecologically friendly, shock resistant, warm and soft, but it is not recommended to be used in contact with water. Another variant is a foamed material, which is water proof. Basement laminate flooring is […]

black laminate worktop scratch repair

Buying black laminate sheets

Today black laminate sheets are used for many purposes. Countertops for kitchen and bathroom vanities, shower walls, hand-made furniture units tops are often made of laminate. Good quality Home Depot black laminate sheets are often chosen for cheap. The store organizes sales and clearance days when you can buy the stuff paying for it up to 50% less than it costs usually. Formica and Wilsonart black laminate sheets for sale […]