underlayment for laminate at menards

How to pick the best underlayment for laminate

The correct choice of the best underlayment for laminate is capable to extend the life of your flooring of several times. Laminate flooring has many advantages, it is practical, affordable, and its installation does not require special skills. But do not forget that its durability and wear resistance is achieved not only by the observance of all the technological subtleties of laying, class or value of the laminate, but also […]

wilsonart laminate thickness

Wilson laminate – high quality and awesome look

Modern Wilson laminate resembles natural wood, but it is cheaper than natural wood, and in most cases more durable. At the official site of the company you may order Wilson laminate samples. These small pieces of laminate will be sent to your address, and you will have a chance to compare various types of Wilson laminate flooring. Take your time to make your final decision which color of the flooring […]

laminate flooring for bathrooms wickes

Which laminate flooring for bathroom is to choose?

Choosing laminate flooring for bathroom may be a challenge as laminate does not stand wet conditions. Water, penetrated under your floor, may damage laminate. It will change its look, color, swell and rot. That is why many homeowners are scared to install cheap laminate bathroom flooring: it may cost more if the floors are damaged by water and extra humidity. However, you can avoid all these unpleasant things, if you […]

wilsonart countertops lowes

Wilsonart countertops for those who know what real design is!

Wilsonart countertops are flooding the market! They are not expensive, good-looking, and can be easily substitutes after they get worn out. Wilsonart laminate countertops are durable and neat. They can be of different sizes and shapes. They can be of different colors and hues, patterns and textures. Wilsonart laminate colors are numerous – choose whatever color you need and whatever color you want! Feel as if you’re a real designer […]

laminate countertop sheets online

Is your laminate countertop worn out – set up laminate countertop sheets to renew it!

Laminate countertop sheets can really help you if the surface of your laminate countertops is worn. The process of replacement of the surfaces is very easy and quick. You can do it yourself! Refinish laminate countertops are available in any colors and hues. They can have different patterns and textures. They can look like stone ones and like wooden ones. Choose whatever laminate countertop paint you want and mix the […]

whitewash look laminate flooring

Noble look of any place: create it with the help of whitewash laminate flooring.

Whitewash laminate flooring, as all the most picky and ardent designers and critics claim, is the best choice if you want to make your rooms look fashionable, noble and spacious. Someone says that Home Depot whitewash laminate flooring is a cheap idea that cannot create such a look. Some people are one hundred per cent sure that only dark, deep brown and reddish wood floorings create a feeling of sublimity […]

distressed oak laminate flooring

Distressed laminate flooring for those who want to get rid of stress!

Distressed laminate flooring is one of the best decisions for any place of living. It was created to make any room good-looking. The look of authentic stone or even of genuine wood that has the floor after it’s covered with distressed laminate wood flooring has a great impression on people. You don’t even need any carpets after you set up such flooring! Laminates can be of different patterns, hues, grains […]

harmonics flooring retailers

Harmonic flooring for the seekers of harmony

Harmonic flooring become more and more popular today due to its simplicity of installation and cheap prices. Harmonic laminate flooring is a perfect example of click-lock laminate flooring and it was designed for people who are on budget. It can be easily set up without the help of any workers because it doesn’t need and glue, nails, cuttings and so on. It’s really like a surface that just floats over […]

natural tigerwood laminate flooring

Tigerwood laminate flooring for those who can name themselves picky judges of outstanding floors!

What could be as attractive as tigerwood laminate flooring?! Only the photos of it make a great impression on people and leave the pop-eyed and with their jaws dropped! You would say, probably, that tastes differ and that everyone’s preference of floors differs too. But just have a look on Home Depot tigerwood laminate. It’s more than perfect! It’s one of the exotic wood species that’s known for it’s beautiful […]

linoleum flooring that looks like wood planks

Tile floor that looks like wood as the best decision for your place!

Tile floor that looks like wood is a reality now! With today’s technologies tile floors immediately capture a look and a texture of wood which allows people to stop thinking of extremely expensive floorings made of solid wood and save lots of money. Flooring that looks like wood offers the same stain and the same graining as the genuine wood does! What an amazing material! It can be set up […]