Plastic laminate cabinets: quality, durability and good looks

Plastic laminate cabinets are becoming more and more popular in kitchen furniture due to its numerous advantages. Laminate for cabinets is resistant to mechanical damages. In comparison with other decor types cabinet laminate sheets withstand many mechanical damages and feature great durwbility. Usually plastic laminate cabinets manufacturer uses a special laminate covering, which creates an additional barrier from the scratches and chops. Plastic laminate cabinets are perfect for the houses with pets like cats or dogs that can damage the surface.

Laminate is the only type of décor, which ssumes any texture due to a special surface tape. You can create a texture of stone or wood that will look and feel like a natural material.

fixing plastic laminate cabinets

Another advantage is high elasticity. Lamination enhances elasticity of PVC panels and even upon rapid changes in temperature the panel will withstand cracks and preserves its initial look.

Laminate panels feature high thermal resistance; even if you touch the panel with a lighted cigarette it will not damage the surface. Laminate panels are ecologicall friendly to human health because they aqre manufactured from pure materials and non-toxic glues.

One more advantage is a possibility to have laminate cabinets in different even bright colors. White laminate cabinets, yellow, green or even black, all this is possible, because laminate is easy to pain and it preserves initial color brightness for a long time.

refinishing plastic laminate cabinets

24 Photos of the Plastic laminate cabinets: quality, durability and good looks

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