Renew your house floors only with wood laminate sheets!

Wood laminate sheets have already become one of the most popular decisions for hoses and apartments. You would, probably, ask: “What is laminate wood flooring? Why should I use it? Is it one of the not very good substitutions of the normal flooring made of solid wood?” How wrong you are! The best wood laminate flooring has a layered construction and is very durable due to it. It’s very stylish and can easily capture the astonished looks of your guests. And by the way, it captures the textures of real wood, so that everybody is sure that your floors are really made of solid wood.

Laminate flooring that looks like wood has four layers. All the fours kinds of material attach to each other tightly and create durable amazing floors that can impress even the most ardent, picky and hypercritical flooring judge.

wood veneer sheets installing

Laminate that looks like wood has the four following layers: a wear layer (a top layer that allows the floors resist the stains and fading), a design layer (a layers that captures the textures of real wood), an inner core (a layer made from extremely strong wood fibers fused with resin: it keeps the flooring stable and give it an ability to resist moisture), and a backing (a layers that is considered to be a moisture barrier). If you’re on a budget – think of purchasing a laminate wood flooring that really looks like genuine wood and as durable as the most strongest oak floor.

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