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The best laminate flooring companies

There are many laminate flooring companies which manufacture this product, but only few of them are known for their high quality durable laminate. Armstrong has become the most popular not only among USA laminate flooring companies, but overseas as well. For the second century the company has been designing and manufacturing laminate 8-12 mm thick. Some of laminates of this company are textured, which gives the feeling of real wood […]

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Best wood for floors of the best apartments!

Are you up to getting the best wood for floors of your house or apartment? Are you going to change something about the design of your place or just want to replace the old and not good-looking flooring? Whatever you want to do with your floors you should take into account lots of factors when you come to the store and start a search. Firstly, it can seem that it’s […]

White plastic laminate sheets

White laminate sheets for those who love noble design!

What are white laminate sheets? Why are they getting so popular today! They’re already among the sky-blue, ocher and grey-blue laminate floorings that are considered to be the best-sellers in the market of flooring sheets. Free shipping laminate flooring becomes more available if you get the sheets from the list given above. Companies are interested in attracting more customers and as the customers buy incredible amounts of such floorings, the […]

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The laminate floor cost – how to reduce it

The laminate floor cost is determined not only with the material you want to buy to cover the floors. In case if you are ready to install your flooring yourself it is really enough to calculate how much you will pay for the flooring materials. If you have the required tools and subfloor is ready, take into account only the money you will pay for new laminate. In this case […]

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The best laminate floor cleaner for home

To choose the best laminate floor cleaner for your flooring you should look at the structure of a laminate panel. It has 4 layers – a bottom moisture resistant, a thicker core layer, a layer with an image of wood or stone and a clear wear layer. If you damage the upper layer, you will ruin the floor color and if water penetrates through the laminate panels, the flooring will […]


Laminate Flooring. Types of Design

As it is known and practically proved, laminate is one of the most popular, comfortable and safe kinds of flooring today. Besides, it looks great and it is easy to use. All repairs start with floor: flooring installation and its decoration. It is a fundamental part, in a literal and figurative sense, of the all interior design of house or office. Due to the technical progress, creativity and hard work […]