The best laminate floor cleaner for home

To choose the best laminate floor cleaner for your flooring you should look at the structure of a laminate panel. It has 4 layers – a bottom moisture resistant, a thicker core layer, a layer with an image of wood or stone and a clear wear layer. If you damage the upper layer, you will ruin the floor color and if water penetrates through the laminate panels, the flooring will be ruined.

That is why laminate floor cleaning should be done”correctly”. Avoid leaving water on the floor, do not use wax, polish, metal brushes, abrasive cleaners, any chemicals and bleach. Use sweeping, vacuum cleaning and dry mopping.

Best laminate floor cleaner for shine

Bona is one of the best cleaners for laminate floors. This is a simple constructed cleaner for laminate floors – no batteries, no cords. You have to pour inside the special container any liquid laminate floor cleaning product (better Bona solution for cleaning laminate and hardwood). Then, pushing he trigger of the cleaner, spray the solution and wipe the floor with the cleaning pad of Bona cleaner.

You can make a cheap effective laminate floor cleaner yourself. Adding ammonia to warm water and using the mop slightly soaked with this solution clean the floors thoroughly. The smell coming from such a cleaner may be not pleasant, but it will evaporate fast. Steam mop as a cleaner for laminate floors may be used, but not all types.

Best floor cleaner for laminate wood

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