The Examples of Non-Standard Use of Laminate

Having a lot of advantages, today laminate is the most popular kind of flooring. This material is lasting, resistant to different mechanical damage and it is inconclusive enough. Besides, laminate is pretty easy to install, you can do it by yourself. Laminate is used not only in living spaces (flats and private houses), you can also see it in the hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices (premises where the load on the floor is high enough).


Speaking about all the “pluses” of this material, we cannot fail to mention that laminate can also be used in “unconventional way”. Now let us show you the examples of it.

  1. You can use it for the ceiling

Laminate on the ceiling gives a certain luxury to the room as its texture accurately imitates real wood. This design technique is often used in different offices and restaurants. Such kind of ceiling creates the atmosphere of status and nobility.

  1.  You can use it for the walls

It looks very nice when the floor and one of the walls (for example) is finished with the same materials. Besides, this relatively new method will visually expand the space. It must be admitted that this method is often used in restaurants and bars. Some manufacturers produce laminate with antistatic effect, it means that the care for the wall finished in this way will not be difficult at all.

  1. You can use it for making furniture

Different boxes, shelves and other small pieces of furniture can be made from laminate lamellas. You can easily do it with your own hands! One more example is finishing of stair steps. This variant is very practical and can solve several problems at once: remove non-creak, reduce slip and increase noise insulation level.

As you see, there are many variants of laminate use. Try one of them and you will be satisfied with the result!


7 Photos of the The Examples of Non-Standard Use of Laminate


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