The laminate floor cost – how to reduce it

The laminate floor cost is determined not only with the material you want to buy to cover the floors. In case if you are ready to install your flooring yourself it is really enough to calculate how much you will pay for the flooring materials. If you have the required tools and subfloor is ready, take into account only the money you will pay for new laminate.

In this case your laminate flooring price, with laminate for $2 per square foot will be $2,000 when you install the floor in a two-bedroom house with the floor area of 1000 ft. Add subfloring material price and tools renting and get $2,500. Hiring a contractor ask about laminate flooring pricing. Some private companies take about $2 for a square foot of the flooring installation, professionals may ask for a higher (2-3 times more) price. So as you see laminate flooring costs are higher two or even three times. In case when professional works with your laminate, the final sum may be up to $5,000-$6,000 and more (again for 1000 of square feet). Some installers ask for the work they may do additionally – moving the furniture and removing old floors. These jobs costs depend on the time which masters will spend. One hour of work will be at least $10. In some cases it can reach even $60. That is why, even when you hire a professional, take care about preparing everything for the work of installers. Then the laminate installation cost will be times less and your budget won’t suffer so much.

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