Trendy Colors of Laminate

Laminate deserves a leader among other floor coverings as it can be used in different premises (housing and offices). Laminate is very practical, easy in use, durable and looks really wonderful! One more advantage is that this material has many colors and diversity of texture. The needed color, picture or texture can be easily chosen for the particular design and color spectrum.


If you don’t know what color of laminate to choose, to be in trend, pay attention to our advices and hints, they may help you to make a right choice.

Interior design shows resemblance to high-fashion, as it also has two main vectors: classical and modern (actual, fashionable).

Speaking about classical colors of laminate, it must be admitted, that they are light, quiet and noble. Such tones are always in fashion because they are suited to any design and style. One more advantage of light colors is that they can visually enlarge the room.


If you are interested in something modern and trendy, switch on your imagination or choose a variant among these:

Shades of grey are very popular today. Laminate of dark gray color with concrete texture is one of the latest trends today; it looks really wonderful and very modern!

One more variant is laminate with aged wood texture. Such pictures are performed very realistic: there are scratches and imperfections, like on a real tree. Speaking about the colors of this kind of laminate, they can be different: from very dark to very light (almost white) tones.

Laminate with oak texture of dark brown color – is one more popular trend. Such kind of floor covering looks royal, noble and elegant; its tone is deep and velvety. To achieve the best result, try this variant with furniture of light colors -this contrast looks really gorgeous!

Choosing laminate of dark colors, you should take into consideration that such kind of flooring can visually reduce the space of the room.


16 Photos of the Trendy Colors of Laminate


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