What is the best laminate flooring for your home?

To understand what is the best laminate flooring for your home you should answer yourself which specifications has each room your laminate is planned to be used in. All laminate is rated in AC system which defines its durability. If AC1 is good for bedrooms, AC2 is the best laminate floor for medium-traffic living rooms. AC3 is the best laminate floors for pets and any room in your house.

If you cook a lot and spend much time in your kitchen we recommend you also choosing very durable laminate for your floors. Choose the thicker floor up to 12 millimeters and care about its waterproof characteristics. The best laminate floors for kitchens with tile effect may be bought at Home Depot and ordered at Amazon marketplace. AC4 and AC5 laminate is used for commercial purposes and on enterprises.

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The best laminate floors for basements are rubber waterproof materials. As the basements are often wet places, you should care more about waterproof characteristics than about its thickness. Before you buy laminate read carefullybest laminate floors reviews, compare the prices for one and the same type of flooring in different stores. Some customers consider tile effect laminate thebest laminate floors choice. If the print of the flooring looks really nice, it can be used in a living room as well. Your personal opinion should be decisive – when you love the product of a certain manufacturer, its product will be your best laminate floor.

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